Prachak Pet Yang was established since 1909 and they sell incredible roasted duck here. This is also the place  where I had the best Roasted Duck and Char Siew (Pork) Rice in my entire life!

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As you can see from the various newspaper / magazine articles, this is a famous and well known place for roasted duck and other varieties of roasted meat.

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The food here is of standard and definitely won’t disappoint you. Do note that the Roasted Duck here is the best selling item of all and it is usually sold it at around 5pm to 6pm.

Prachak - Roasted Duck Rice

As mentioned, this is the best Roasted Duck and Char Siew (Pork) Rice I have ever eaten in my entire life! The duck and pork are marinated and roasted to perfection with every piece of meat so soft and tender. The special sauce which goes along with it just makes everything heavenly. It is a sweet and savoury mix of sauces with certain herbs and spices. Absolutely delicious, a MUST TRY! Aroi Mak Mak!

Prachak - Roasted Duck Noodle

The noodles came without the sauce, which I thought was critical to the dish. I requested for additional sauce and poured it in.  Goodness! It was delicious with the sauce. The texture of the noodles was  good and if you tried egg noodles before, you would have notice that some would have the weird taste in it. Thankfully for this there isn’t.

Prachak - Interior

Go try out this legendary restaurant, since 1909. It is located at Thanon Chaoren Krung (opposite Robinsons), accessible via BTS Saphan Taksin.

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Extremely delicious Roasted Duck Rice served here.

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This legendary restaurant serves up quality food, especially the roasted duck. And you do not have to fork out high prices to enjoy such good food. Absolutely a MUST TRY!