When you are in Bangkok, forget about dieting because you will find delicious food everywhere and it will be a torture not to indulge in it. One of the items sold on the streets you must not miss would be the crepes!


And if you are staying in Pratunam, all the  more you should not miss trying out crepes! This is Pratunam’s most popular crepe stall.

This crepe stall was even featured on Thailand’s National Television Channel – TV3!


You may not see any smiles  here from the people manning the stall because they are very busy.  You will, however, have a big smile on your face when you try the crepe!


I ordered my usual, Nutella Banana Crepe! They have a large selection of toppings and they start from 70 baht.


Chunky slices of banana onto the “cooking” chocolate.


The finished crepe is huge with generous fillings inside. My advice is to bring along a wet tissue with you because eating this crepe can be a messy affair with the generous fillings dripping  out.


Despite the mess, the feeling of eating this is just blissful.

Where is it located?

In the past, the used to be located along the main road, at the entrance of Phetchaburi Soi 19. With the clearance of street vendors by the Government, they have since moved beside and inwards and are now located in front of GLOW Pratunam Hotel.


Pratunam Crepes