I know many Singaporeans love staying in Pratunam area to  shop and eat. So, where can you go to  shop in Pratunam after 8pm? Platinum Fashion Mall and the street markets opposite at Pratunam Market close at 8pm and so night shopping is totally different in Pratunam.

If you are the kind who is  lazy to travel to other districts, you will be glad to know that there are several night market spots where you can do some shopping and have some delicious food!

Shopping (Night Market)

#1 The Palladium


Located diagonally opposite Novotel Platinum / Platinum Fashion Mall is The Palladium World Shopping, which is the same complex as The Berkeley Hotel. This place is buzzing with tourists from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


Half a year ago, it was not as big as the one today. Thailand is always changing. Amazing Thailand.




If you love customised stuff, you will love this place.


Even at the side roads leading to the carpark, stalls are also being set up. They really make use of any  space available.


#2 Watergate Pavillion


From The Palladium, walk down towards Airport Rail Link Ratchaprarob Station and you will see Watergate Pavillion. This is also the place where Centara Watergate Pavillion is located.


The market here is smaller in scale and also less quiet as compared to the one at The Palladium.

watergatepavilliontmarket3 watergatepavilliontmarket4

#3 Baiyoke


Baiyoke area has changed a lot over the past 5 years and the group of people staying in this area is also different. There are still many shops here but if you ask me to choose which I prefer, I would go for The Palladium. But one thing better here, is the street food!


#1 Baiyoke Street Food

At late night, if you want Street Food, you still can find lots of it in Pratunam, hidden behind Baiyoke area. If you are familiar, it is on the road leading to Citin Pratunam Hotel.


Sweet Corn!

Lemongrass salted-coated Grilled Fish


The “Yum” stall. They sell Yum Woon Sen and Yum Mamee.


The famous Halal Tom Yum!

#2 Chicken Rice Street (Opp The Berkeley Hotel)

If Street Food is not enough for you and you want something more filling, why not try Bangkok’s most famous Chicken Rice? Of course, if you are a big fan of Singapore Chicken Rice, then this will not be as delicious for you. But still, good to try at least once.


Outside the Chicken Rice stalls, you can also find Mango Sticky Rice.

Pratunam Mango Sticky Rice

As usual, this list will be updated as and when there are new findings to be included. 🙂