Here’s how you can save even more when you buy a basic tourist 4G SIM Card from Klook!

If you purchase from various telcos located at Bangkok’s airport, their  basic 8 days 4G SIM Card will start from 299 Baht (S$12.50). The answer is obvious isn’t it?

Make use of this promotion now while it is still available!

amm_iphone6If you own a smartphone, I’m sure you are hooked onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even if you are not, you would also like to stay connected to your loved ones back at home, by using Whatsapp, LINE or WeChat.

Why pay hefty fees to your telcos when you can get stay connected in Bangkok for a lower price by getting their 4G Prepaid SIM card with Unlimited Data!!!

These are the telco operators in Bangkok offering 3G Prepaid SIM Card. Meanwhile, you can click on their respective pictures to check out the details (link updated with their respective promo page in English).

Getting the data sim cards with unlimited data, it saves all the hassle of topping it up daily as what I want is to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also use it  to do some local calls especially when I want to call some restaurants to make reservations or even to book a taxi via GrabTaxi.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)


Upon clearing the immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport, proceed to your preferred telco counter on the same level (located at Arrival Hall, between gate 6 and 7).

299 baht

  • Unlimited data bundle for 1 week (7 days)
    • If you are staying for more than 7 days, not to worry because they have plans for 15 or 30 days too.
    • The first 1GB is high speed and subsequently will be at a lower speed
  • 100 baht of free talk time

Just tell the counter staff what you require. They are able to understand and converse in simple English. Just pass them your phone and they will help you to activate the service.


Suvarnabhumi (BKK) – AIS, dtac, trueMove : 24 hours

Don Mueang Airport (DMK)

At Don Mueang Airport (DMK), you will be able to find trueMove and dtac. true is open from  10am to 12am while dtac is open 24 hours.


You can find trueMove at Terminal 1 which can be easily seen  on your way out after collecting your baggage.


dtac’s new 24 hours shop is located at Level 1, in between Terminal 1 & 2. If your flight arrives late (after midnight), I suggest you get your card here.

Alternatively, you can get the Prepaid SIM cards of the other telcos at the convenience stalls there. There are 2 convenience stalls there but it seems like they are offering different prices.


City (Central World / Siam Paragon)

If you want to have it done in the city, head on down to  Central World  or  Siam Paragon.


Central World:  AIS (Level 4), dtac (Level 4)


Siam Paragon:  AIS (Level 4), dtac (Level 3)

Singapore Changi Airport

For Singaporeans, if you want to avoid all queues at Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang, you can purchase the AIS Prepaid SIM from  Changi Airport Recommends.

Update: You will need to press *120 to activate without having to head over to AIS counters. This is part of the new regulation change in Thailand which requires this additional step.

24 hour Locations:
Terminal 1 – Arrival Hall (Public area)
Terminal 2 – Arrival & Departure Hall (Public area)
Terminal 3 – Arrival Hall (Public area)

For detailed location, please visit  Changi Airport Recommends.

!! PowerBank Notice !!

While we are at the topic of Prepaid SIM Card, I’m sure many of you bring a Powerbank along with you. Do take note of the following guidelines! Your powerbank will be confiscated if it exceeds 32,000 mAh!