Located right in the heart of Jalan Basar, Rama Bear Mart is your one-stop shop for delicious trending snacks and beverages from Thailand. Selling everything from tender Moo Ping to refreshing Oreo Smoothies, you will feel like you are in Thailand upon entering Rama Bear Mart.


What makes Rama Bear Mart unique is that their refreshing tea and smoothies are made using Bear Brand Thai Milk, which is very popular in Thailand now.


Not only is the milk high-calcium and low-fat, it is also lactose-free, which means that even those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy Rama Bear’s drinks.


Their best-selling drinks are the Oreo Smoothie and Thai Milk Tea, which is thicker and more flavourful than the ones you’ll get in typical shops.



Moreover, Rama Bear Mart offers some of the most popular Thai street food, such as Thai-style Grilled Pork Skewers (Moo Ping), Fried Chicken Skin, Pork Ball Sticks, and many more.


If you are in a rush, you can choose from their wide selection of Thai grab-and-go snacks, some of which include salted egg buns from The Karaked, which is one of the hottest dessert places in Thailand right now. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also try the crunchy and scrumptious Shibuya Honey Toast from After You Dessert Cafe.


Bear Rama Mart also sells Lay’s potato chips, where they have most of the newest flavours ranging from Salted Egg to Hat Yai Fried Chicken.

If you head up to the second floor, you can also find household items and cooking ingredients to make your favourite Thai dishes.



With so many delicious snacks and drinks, Bear Rama Mart is definitely one of our favourite go-to places for Thai everyday essentials. Situated on Upper Weld Road just outside Jalan Besar MRT Exit B, it is open daily from 11am to 9:30pm.


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