RarinJinda Wellness Spa Ploenchit is also known as The First Rooftop Spa in Bangkok! Open air massage? Not really, but you do get beautiful views of Bangkok from  your massage room. Quite different from other spas as many spas are quite enclosed and dark.


RarinJinda Wellness Spa Ploenchit is the second branch in Bangkok and they are located on the  30th and 31st Floor of Grande Centre Point Hotel Ploenchit. Hints of gold all around to bring you the luxurious and thai classic style decor.


You can’t go wrong having your spa treatment here as this is a well-established brand and they offer many kinds of different treatments for your needs.


You will be welcomed by Pandan Water and towel to freshen yourself, which is very standard for Rarinjinda and Let’s Relax Spas.


If you choose aromatherapy oil massage for your treatment, you will be required to choose your choice of aroma essence oils.


Get your feet washed before your treatments. It’s not just a normal wash, it’s a thorough wash and scrub with  Herbal Salt.


As can be seen, you do have a good view of Bangkok. But for me, it’s too bright in the day, so I had it closed during my treatment. Perhaps it would be better in the night to keep the windows open.


At Rarinjinda, they don’t only offer the basic massage and spa packages, they have other special therapies such as the “Tibetan Sound Therapy”, which is good if you can’t sleep well.

spaprobig_ploenchitShirodhara Treatment (Photo Credit: RarinJinda Wellness Spa)


I always choose to have my spa in established brands as it’s more professional, they won’t suddenly leave the room to answer calls, they won’t talk to their colleagues, etc.


Enjoy another view after the treatment.


Many spas offer you tea after your treatment but over here, you get the delicious and famous Thai Dessert, Mango Sticky Rice! Double happiness after treatments!


If you like the products used during your treatment, you can also purchase them.


Beautiful view isn’t it?

If you plan  to visit RarinJinda, do make a booking online with them and receive 20% off! :)

Their latest promotion is the “Siamese Himalayan Salt Therapy” which is done in a “Salt Room”. So unique and most importantly, therapeutic! I can’t wait to try this!