Located in Isaan, the north-eastern region of Thailand, Udon Thani is known for its beautiful natural attractions, cultural sites, and delicious local cuisine. One of the most famous tourist destinations in the area is the Red Lotus Lake, or Talay Bua Daeng in Thai.


The Red Lotus Lake is a freshwater lake located in the Nong Han district of Udon Thani, around 40 minutes’ drive from Udon Thani city centre. It is named after the beautiful red lotus flowers that bloom in the lake during the cooler months of the year, from November to February. These lotus flowers are considered sacred in Thai culture and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the visitors.


The lake covers a stunning 22,500 rai (ard 36million square metres) in area and is home to a diverse range of aquatic plants and animals. Visitors can take a boat tour of the lake to see the stunning scenery and observe the local wildlife. We left our hotel in Udon Thani city centre at 6am in the morning for the lake to catch the mesmerising sunrise on the 1-hour boat tour. It will be too hot after 9am.


One of the best things about the Red Lotus Lake is that it is relatively untouched by tourism (especially international tourism), so visitors can still fully appreciate the natural beauty of the area. The sheer size and sight of the endless blooming red lotus flowers is sufficient reason to make a trip to Udon Thani to experience at least once in your life, so mark it down during your next trip to Thailand!