Updated: December 2019

Roast is now open at CentralWorld! This is definitely good news for tourists. You no longer have to travel all the way to The Commons at Thonglor or EmQuartier to get your fix at the popular casual all-day eatery.


They are located on 1st floor of CENTRAL@CentralWorld (former Zen). We took the chance to try out their brand new menu which just launched a month ago.


We were happy to find our old favourites still in the menu. Here are some of the new items we checked out this time:



Grilled Corn [180฿] – Corn lovers or vegetarians should order this healthy starter. The grilled corn is covered with chili mayonnaise, mixed chili powder, cotija cheese and lime.


Fried Chicken [420฿] – You will want to share this dish because the portion is really huge! This juicy and delicious chicken is covered in buttermilk hot sauce marinade, fried rosemary, thyme & garlic and served with pickled cucumber.


Grilled Seabass [550฿] – Looking for a healthier option to Fried Chicken but still want something filling, go for this. The grilled seabass is topped with salmoriglio, parsley, dill, cilantro, roasted tomato & marinated peppers.


Zucchini White Wine [280฿] – We love their Truffle Alfredo but if we want something lighter, healthier and a vegetarian option, order this. It is served with shallot, preserved lemon, garlic chips and wild rocket. So delicious.



You may also want to check out their new drinks Arnold Palmer [120฿] & Somcheng & Tonic [140฿].

Arnold Palmer is a drink with strong tea taste since it consists of both Chinese & Java Tea with limeade and soda.

Roast CentralWorld is open from 10am – 10pm daily. Don’t miss out visiting this popular cafe in Bangkok.

Roast is a very popular cafe in Bangkok and it seems like it’s the must-go cafe for many tourists to Bangkok. Even hi-so locals love coming visiting Roast too! They offer a wide variety of menu items so you definitely will have something for you.


Both Roast at Seenspace 13 and Roots have shifted to The COMMONS at Thonglor Soi 17!

If you are lazy to travel into Thonglor, you will be glad to know that they also have a branch at EmQuartier (1st floor).


The new Roast is much bigger compared to Seenspace 13 and also much brighter.


Usually, cafe latte is the thing to order because of the latte art.


Now, those who love cold drinks have a reason to order this special and beautiful Iced Espresso Latte [120฿]. The drink is served in latte ice cubes. You have to pour in the milk and sugar. It is a good opportunity to take good photographs and videos, especially when you’re pouring the milk and sugar.


Want something more refreshing? Go for Roast Iced Tea [120฿].


We were looking through the menu for interesting desserts or specifically desserts that were “instagrammable”. Had a hard time deciding as the desserts all looked so good. We went with Chocolate Souffle [200฿].


Simply because it came with something for us to pour!


If you want something heavier, you have to try their Pulled Pork Burger [320฿]!


Strawberry Waffle [260฿] is probably the most popular dessert in Roast because it’s waffles and strawberries! It makes a good photo!


Roast is definitely a good place for All Day Breakfast. It can be crowded during peak hours but if you come during tea break on weekdays, you can actually stay longer and have a good catch-up with your friends.


This is my new ultimate favourite from Roast! Truffle Alfredo [280฿] is probably one the best pasta I have ever eaten! Their homemade tagliatelle is not too thick nor thin and the overall dish is so satisfying. You can easily finish it on your own.


Here’s a closeup view!


The Hand Cut Fries [120฿] are good for sharing too!


Don’t miss out this popular cafe when in Bangkok!

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