Sakura Tei is an Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki specialist restaurant, located at a very trendy neighbourhood in Harajuku.


The restaurant is connected with the art gallery, thus the interiors are all painted by the artists. The paintings reflect the local roots.



The staff at the restaurant speak both English and Japanese, and they also provide a English menu. There are also guides on how to make okonomiyaki by yourselves.


The first item I ordered was Sakura Yaki (¥1,150), which is the signature item of Sakura Tei


Kurobuta Yaki(¥1,350) was also amazing! This was my favourite among the items that we ordered!


The last one is Cheetoro Cheese Special(¥1,350), this item is another ‘can’t be missed’ dish for all you cheese lovers!


After you assemble all the ingredients, you have to mix them well and put all of them on the teppan (the big pan which will be in front of you on the table). Then you’ll have to shape it into a round shape as shown in this picture.


After 5 minutes, it’s time for you to flip your okonomiyaki to the other side and wait for another 5 minutes. But be careful! They are very fragile so make sure you don’t break them!


And then your okonomiyakis are done and are ready to eat! You can put the okonomiyaki sauce, nori, and mayonaise as much as you prefer!

The okonimiyakis taste very good and I really liked them a lot! It is also another great Japanese experience which you can enjoy with your friends and family for your trip to Tokyo!

PS. Since the shop is a little hard to find, here is the link giving directions to the shop. There is also a video on how to get there 😉

[Tokyo] Sakura Tei