After a satisfying meal at Dotonbori, you will definitely want to end it on a sweet note. My friend recommended a few locations when I asked her where I could get some really good strawberry shortcake.

Salon de the Alcyon was one of them and since it was located very near to Dotonbori, it made sense to visit this outlet.


Locating this cafe was fairly easily with the help of Google Maps. However, when we arrived, they were no longer seating customers and so we could only do a takeaway of  these beautiful cakes and pastries. It was a waste we couldn’t get to sit down in this beautiful cafe.


Don’t they look beautiful? You will definitely be spoilt for choice.


We bought the top-sellers here, Mont Blanc and Strawberry Cheesecake. We went back to our apartment to enjoy them and  they were really good. We preferred the strawberry cheesecake as the Mont Blanc’s flavour was something new to us. It is actually made with chestnuts!


Apart from the cakes, they also sell very nice teas. It was so fragrant that we couldn’t resist buying a few packets back.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to chill over afternoon tea or dinner, do check out Salon de the Alcyon.

[Osaka] Salon de The Alcyon