Are you looking for authentic Singapore / Malaysia food in Bangkok? It’s quite a challenge but there are a few places that you can get them. Check out Sambalacha by Uncle Pang from Singapore! The dishes here are common Singapore / Malaysia dishes in Peranakan style.


Sambalacha is quite conveniently located at  I’m Park Samyan (Chua  Soi 22), just about 10 mins walk from MBK Center.


Uncle Pang is from Singapore and was working in the hospitality industry for many years in Bangkok. He decided to open Sambalacha Cafe in remembrance of his mother and at the same time, keeping his mother’s cooking recipe and sharing to people who appreciate the food.

Eddie from Stranger in Bangkok invited me for lunch here since my trip was a long one and that I had to try the food here.


I ordered a glass of barley while waiting for our order to be prepared. Uncle Pang was the only chef and the restaurant was almost packed, so we had to wait a little while. This glass of barley is less sweet compared to those I drank in Singapore, so it’s a healthy drink here at Sambalacha.


Some yam chips with their famous Sambal while the food is being prepared. I had the first taste of the sambal and I fell in love with it.


To fully enjoy more of the sambal, I ordered their famous Nasi Lemak. Oh, it tasted so good, definitely a premium nasi lemak because it tasted better than many found in Singapore. I’m craving for it while writing this article.

Uncle Pang told me that majority of the ingredients are brought in by hand from Malaysia, so you really get the same flavour that you get in Singapore / Malaysia.


Beef Rendang that is also so good and flavourful. You can really feel and taste the depth of this dish, quality stuff.


Eddie went for Fishball Meepok which comes with their signature sambal too. He loved it!


We ended our meal with some really good chendol, similar to those you find in Malaysia.

I’m very impressed with the food at Sambalacha because it’s really quality food. If I’m staying in Bangkok, I would see myself frequenting Sambalacha if I miss home food!

[Bangkok] Sambalacha Cafe by Uncle Pang paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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