Samsen Villa is a beautiful place to dine because of its ambiance.




You can have a seat by the river and have a meal or just try their famous Jelly Beer.


The decor at Samsen Villa is rather romantic with the lights. Check out this swing! They even have a little fountain in there.


There are also air conditioned seats if you would prefer.


They have a very fun and unique menu that is made to seem like a magazine. The design and layout of every single page is like that of a magazine and makes choosing your food a whole lot more interesting.


Spicy Soup with Coconut Milk [180฿]  – All of their spicy food are rather hot so I would recommend requesting for your orders to be less spicy if your tolerance is not very high. I personally loved this soup, I am a huge fan of coconut milk and although my tongue was on fire, I really enjoyed this.


Spicy Lemongrass Soup with Prawns/River prawns [180/380฿]  – Another spicy soup that burned my tongue. This tasted pretty similar to the usual Tom Yum in my opinion and I found it rather average.


Royal Thai Style Pork Satay [120/240฿]    – The pork meat was well cooked and the sauce really brought this dish together. The toasted bread is also something special which you do not usually  find served with your satay. Eat it with the sauce, it actually tastes really nice.


Red Curry with Roast Duck [180฿]    – The roast duck was tender and is well complimented by the curry.


Deep fried Papaya and Banana with Spicy Salad [180฿]    – This was the first time I tried this and I really liked it. The  deep fried fruit is crispy on its own and the spicy salad is very flavorful. Together they make a really good combination.


Deep Fried Shrimp Cake [180฿]    –  The shrimp cake tastes rather normal but I think the sweet sauce was really amazing. Dip the shrimp cake in it and just enjoy this.


Coconut – For drinks, of course, they have coconut juice.  The juice was fresh and they also provide you with a spoon to scoop out the coconut flesh.


Cocktail – They also have tons of pretty cocktails in their menu you can choose from.

Overall, Samsen Villa is a really pretty and chill place which I recommend for a long dinner if you have the time to relax and enjoy the place.

It is also located relatively near Anusarn Market so you can consider coming here for dinner before moving on to shopping and exploring the Night Bazaar.

[Chiang Mai] Samsen Villa Restaurant