Savelberg Thailand is not your ordinary fine dining restaurant. It is run by renowned Dutch Chef Henk Savelberg, who used to run  four different Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands.


Chef Henk Savelberg loves Bangkok and that’s the reason he opened the first overseas restaurant outside his home country. Savelberg Thailand is a gourmet, modern French restaurant with a Dutch touch. Whenever Henk Savelberg is in Bangkok, you will find him in the kitchen.


Savelberg Thailand is located in the elegant property of Oriental Residence. The interior is different from Oriental Residence though. Inside Savelberg, the main colours are  both white and orange. The restaurant has a high ceiling. The large glass panels allows the natural sun light to come in during the day, and it will definitely be a better time for photos if that is  part of your intention.


Before your meal starts, you will be presented with  amuse-bouche (a small complimentary appetiser). For our 6 course dinner, we had  4 amuse-bouche!


Amuse 1 РGrilled Watermelon & Ib̩rico Lomo with Olive Oil Powder.

The sweet juicy watermelon blends in well with the powdery olive oil power. Everything just melts upon entry to your tongue.


Amuse 2 –  Three Preparations of Pork.

Get to taste pork prepared in a way you would never imagine.


Amuse 3 –  White Asparagus Powder with Smoked Tasmanian Salmon.

White Asparagus is definitely a must try in Savelberg because it’s their signature ingredient. This is a very refreshing one.


Amuse 4 –  Home Baked Bread with Olive Oil & Salt.

The bread here is baked fresh and when served to you, it’s still warm! It’s my first time eating bread and olive oil and salt and it’s interesting that the combination works well!


LOBSTER –  Lobster salad with red curry, sunflower seed, artichoke & Yuzu vinaigrette.

The chunk of lobster in red curry is definitely a good start to your meal! Even though it’s a French restaurant, you still get that hint of Thai red curry in it.


OYSTER –  Raw oyster, red vinegar, garlic & ginger.

The oyster is fresh and easy on the palette but be prepared for the strong vinegar taste! 1 oyster is also never enough for oyster lovers.


VEAL AND CAVIAR –  Tartar of veal with yoghurt, potato, bacon & Tzar Caviar.

A mix of unexpected ingredients blends well together and the taste is definitely on point.


SOLE –  Grilled North Sea sole fillet with baked white asparagus, smoked milk & lemon vinaigrette.

This is the most popular item at Savelberg! You get a  soft fillet and a crispy crisp with white asparagus. This definitely showcases what you get at Savelberg. You get to experience different tastes and textures in every dish.


CAPE GRIMM –  Wagyu cheek and Grass Fed striploin beef, bone marrow, onion & smoked beef sauce.

Wagyu!!! 4 slices of wagyu are definitely not enough for beef lovers.


PRE DESSERT –  Strained yoghurt with caramel, star aniseed, cinnamon and granite of yellow fruit.

It might not look interesting on the outside but the yoghurt with caramel goes so well with the granite.


CITRUS –  Strawberry cheesecake with yuzu mousse, pomelo juice & lemon grass ice cream.

We ended the meal with a very interesting dessert, the presentation is amazing and beautiful.


Both Eddie and myself enjoying our meal at Savelberg. The food at Savelberg doesn’t disappoint but instead brings surprises to you in terms of the plating, presentation and the flavours.

Every dish never fails to present to you a mix of different flavours and textures that actually works together so well that when you eat it, you will be  amazed by  how on point everything is.

Our 6 course dinner menu costs  THB 3,700 and the portion was just right for us. Be prepared to set aside about 2 hours for your meal though.

If you don’t have the luxury of time and just want to try some of Savelberg signature dishes, you will be glad to know that they also offer lunch sets from 990฿ (2 course lunch set) and 1600฿(3 course lunch set).

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This was a media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.