Savoey Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in Bangkok because they serve authentic and delicious Thai food in a clean and comfortable environment. Definitely a good place to meet up with your friends for a meal without feeling the stress to eat quickly.


I visited several branches before, including the one at Tha Maharaj (beside Chao Phraya River).

Today’s recommendation is at their latest branch called Savoey Seafood Co. Sukhumvit 26. From the name, you can tell that they specialise in seafood here.


Savoey Seafood is located along Sukhumvit 26, just next to A-Square and K-Village.


This is probably the most beautiful Savoey outlet, both inside and out.


We had our meal in this glass house. Since we were  here for dinner and it was raining heavily outside, we  did not feel warm at all.


While waiting for my other guests, I ordered my favourite Butterfly Pea Drink with Lemongrass which is one of Savoey’s signature drinks.


Butterfly Clam Steamed with Soy Sauce [300฿] – The fresh clams cooked Chinese style. It felt as if I was attending a wedding dinner while tasting the soy sauce. Don’t forget to dip the clams in the seafood sauces provided for that additional thai taste.


Southern Thai Grilled Chicken [150฿] – Even though this “satay” is common in Singapore, the version in Thailand is different and I just had to order it to satisfy my craving.


Tom  Yum Fried Rice  [375฿] – It’s not easy to find nice Tom Yum Fried Rice but the one at Savoey, I can say , it’s good. It is cooked using proper Tom Yum with fresh seafood. A good alternative if you don’t feel like drinking Tom Yum Soup and want something more filling.


Deep Fried Seabass with Spicy Coconut Sauce  [470฿] – Savoey is popular for their deep fried seabass. I previously tried the Green Curry version but this time I thought of trying something different and we went with Spicy Coconut Sauce which actually is Tom Kha sauce. It’s a more coconut-milk based soup compared to Tom Yum.


Phuket Lobster Steamed with Milk [240฿/100g] – Since this is a seafood branch, it made  sense to try their lobster, steamed with milk to get the full flavour of the lobster. If you prefer to pick your own fresh lobster from the fish tank, it will cost  400฿/100g.


Look at that glorious chunk of lobster meat!


The meal ended with their new drink,  Mango Sticky Rice Frappe  [120฿]. It’s actually a Mango Sticky Rice dessert in a drink. Thick and delicious but at the same time, very filling.


Savoey’s food standard have been consistent throughout their different branches and I decided to reward them with our very own AroiMakMak’s sticker!

Savoey has 8 branches across Bangkok and you can check out this link for a full listing of their branches to see which is more convenient for you.