Savoey  has spread its wings to Pattaya and they are located on Level 3 (San Francisco) of Terminal 21 Pattaya! If you are looking for good Thai seafood plus the perfect panoramic sea view from the mall, this is it! Savoey is not new to us and in fact is one of our favourite restaurant in Bangkok because they offer consistency in their food and is relatively affordable as compared to many other seafood restaurants around.


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Over at the Pattaya branch, they offer live seafood and the first thing you see as you enter the restaurant is actually these tanks filled with live seafood. You can get guaranteed fresh seafood here!


A spacious restaurant offering one of the best views of Pattaya – paranomic sea view of Pattaya beach.


Savoey’s branch in Pattaya actually specialises in Eastern Thailand menu based on the ingredients  that can be found locally. Of course, you still can find your usual Savoey’s  favourite here.


Let’s enjoy the beautiful view first.


A closeup of the sunset and beach.


Don’t miss out their new signature drinks from the menu!

Since this branch specialises in Eastern Thailand menu, we shall try it out!


Curry Pork in Chamuang Leaves [165฿] – In this dish, you get to taste 3 different flavours – Sweet, Sour and Saltish. You get the sweetness from the soup, sourness from the leaves and saltiness from the pork. They used the strip loin of the pork and hence those who are health conscious need not worry about the fats. This dish is best to go with rice!


Deep-Fried Crabmeat  [400฿] – Huge chunks of crab meat from the legs found in this crabmeat roll! Dip it in the plum sauce for the complete experience.


Chanthaburi Fried Noodles Crab  [250฿] – This is quite similar to Pad Thai but cooked in Chanthaburi style. It might be slightly spicer to what you are used to from a normal Pad Thai as the spice is cooked directly with the noodle. Flavours are also stronger as blue-crab are being used.


Mantis Shrimp  [From 250฿/100g] – Mantis Shrimp is a popular dish in Pattaya and over at Savoey, you get to choose the preparation methods: Stir-fried with rock salt & fresh chilli /  steamed / deep-fried with garlic. We got the one fried with garlic and it was so delicious. I also like that they helped to peel off part of the flesh from the shell as the meat tends to stick to the shell even though it’s fresh.


Look at that chunk of mantis shrimp meat. Oh, so good!


Jumbo Crabmeat Omelette  [420฿] – You don’t need to queue for 1 to 2 hours to get to try the famous jumbo crabmeat omelette anymore. You can head to Savoey to have your fix! Here’s the huge chunk of meat cooked in an omelette.


Thai Sour Soup with Sea Catfish + Deep-Fried Snapper  [590฿] – Sick of Tom Yam already? Try this soup! This sweet and spicy soup is quite addictive and the fresh snapper brings it to another level. However, some might find this dish too overpowering as the seafood taste is on the strong side.


Deep-Fried Snapper in Fish Sauce  [450฿] – They got the fish sauce locally and it’s so different when you pour it over the fish before you take a bite of it. So good!


Stuffed Beans Dumpling in Coconut Milk Served with Ice Cream & Coffee  [180฿] – Pour the coffee into the coconut husk and you will be amazed by the flavours fromthis dessert. A good way to end your meal indeed.

Worried about getting cheated by restaurants near the beach or looking for a comfortable and clean restaurant with a paranomic sea view of Pattaya, this place is definitely your best choice!

[Pattaya] Savoey @ Terminal 21 Pattaya

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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