Sawadee Krub! Welcome to Sawadee Thai Cuisine @ Tan Quee Lee Street, located in Bugis. In fact, they are located just outside Bugis MRT Station (Downtown Line).


Sawadee Thai Cuisine  has been around for 16 years. They were located in the north area of Singapore before moving to Bugis in December 2013.

There are  no shortage of Thai restaurants around Bugis and they must be very confident to shift into a place full of competition!


I like the modern interior of Sawadee Thai Cuisine.

The dishes featured below (for 8 pax) were part of a special menu for Mother’s Day. The Mothers Day menu will be  available for the whole month of May.

Each set comes with a complimentary Bird’s Nest Dessert  and the set menu for 4 pax starts from S$168++.


Thai  Mango Salad – While many places serve Papaya Salad, you get to enjoy the Mango version here and they make use of 2 kinds of mango. It may look dry but it was actually alright since the mango was still a little juicy. The dried shrimp used is also a crispy version, giving more texture to this dish.


Thai Rice Crackers with Chicken Dip – The crispy rice crackers came to life with a dip of the coconut chicken dip. A savoury and textural experience awaits you.


Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings – The chicken wings were actually deboned and stuffed with mushrooms, thai herbs and spices. They are steamed before being fried.


Thai Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai) – Singaporeans are very familiar with Tom Yum but not so with Tom Kha. This is actually a coconut based soup with a stronger coconut flavour and it’s less spicy.  Do try it if you have not. It might be your new favourite soup.


Superior Seafood  Fried Rice – This fried rice is good! It was not too dry. The inclusion of  rice crackers and dried shrimps makes this fried rice stand out from its competition.


Seasonal Vegetables with Scallops


Fried Chinese Pomfret with Mango Sauce – The fish was fresh but I felt that it was too crispy for me. Perhaps it would be better if it had been removed  from the oil a minute earlier.


Three Flavoured Prawns – These prawns were huge! Prawns will always taste good whenever it’s fresh. These prawns were beautifully  paired with  a sweet,  sour and spicy tamarind sauce.


Mango Sticky Rice – Look at those juicy and sweet mangoes!


Mao Shan Wang Durian Sticky Rice – Apologies to the  mango! Although you were good, I can only choose one and I would definitely go for the Mao Shan Wang Durian. This was indeed a  match made in heaven. I love the fibrous durian and it sure went  better with the sticky rice. I really could not  stop eating this.


And finally, for all Mothers! A complimentary Bird Nest Dessert! Despite it looking “cool”, it’s actually a warm and nourishing dessert. I was told of a special way to enjoy this:

  1. Scoop a spoonful of the soup
  2. Add some longan and bird nest on it.
  3. Put it into your mouth. Don’t chew yet.
  4. Slowly play with it inside your mouth, let it go around your taste buds before chewing and swallowing it.

What an interesting way to enjoy this premium dessert.  Nourish, pamper and excite Mom this coming Mother’s Day.

We were happy with the food at Sawadee. The ingredients were fresh and many of their dishes were customised to give you that “textural” experience. If you are tired of the usual Thai dishes, try something different such as the rice crackers with coconut chicken dip and Tom Kha Gai.

Wishing all Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

[Singapore] Sawadee Thai Cuisine @ Tan Quee Lee (Bugis)

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.