There are several scams in Bangkok. Be very careful and do not listen to strangers who approach you. Be persistent and stick to the place which you want to go. Should you encounter any problems and need some immediate help, call the Tourist Police Hotline at 1155.

Here are some of the popular scams:

1) Anywhere in the city for 10B / 20B

Don’t fall into their trap for the cheap ride, they are scamming you for sure. They will bring you to a tailor or gem shop. They will control your whole day and spoil the day for you. Take the Taxi-Meter or BTS to be safe.

2) The place is closed

They can tell you that a certain temple which you want to go is closed, Yaowarat is closed and so on. And then they will recommend and bring you to another place. Do not believe them. They will bring you to a place where you will be forced to purchase expensive stuffs and the driver will earn the commission.

3) Somboon Seafood is closed

No, they are never closed. They will instead bring you to “Somboondee Restaurant” which is very expensive.

4) RCA is closed

They will recommend you to Hollywood. Reject them and be persistent that you want to go to RCA.

5) Modified Meter Taxi

If a driver wave to you and eagerly tells you that he goes by meter, ignore them as their meter have been tampered. Flag one on the roadside. Also, don’t take those taxis where the driver is waiting outside his car.

6) Thai Girl / Ping Pong Show (not Tiger show)

Curious and want to experience it? Be prepared to be scammed.


In any case, if you are scammed, call 1155 for help.