In Bangkok, it’s easy to find cheap and good seafood around but the downside is that it is always fully packed and the dining area is always very cramped. It’s really for you to quickly dine and leave. Definitely not a place for you to dine in comfort and chit chat.

If you are looking for a place to have a good seafood buffet and dine at your comfort and leisure, have a good dinner with your friends and families, then you will need to go to a high-end restaurant or hotel. One of Bangkok’s favourite places for seafood buffet can be found at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit Hotel. The buffet is  called the Seafood Weekend, meaning it’s only available from Friday to Sunday. And if you are going, please make sure you make a reservation beforehand because it’s always fully-booked. You can also visit their website to check out their ongoing promotions.


Having stayed at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit before, I know that their breakfast buffet is massive with a large array of selection. It is also the same for this Seafood Weekend.

So, what’s offered at Seafood Weekend? Oh, I heard that they recently included Rock Lobster!

First up, Cold Seafood.

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-sashimiSashimi and assorted sushi

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-oystersOysters and  New Zealand Mussel

Seafood Weekend @ Novotel Bangkok PloenchitAlaska King Crabs! Oh, this item already make the buffet worth it! It’s the most popular item here and thankfully they also refill it fast!

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-coldseafoodplatterAnd this is a combination of the cold seafood platter.

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-grilledprawnGrilled Tiger Prawns which is the unique offering by Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit. You can actually choose your seafood to be over ice or grilled. Most hotels don’t offer this (grilled) and so this is a specialty here!


Salads and vegetables for the health conscious.

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-thaichendol novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-chicken novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-larbLarb

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-foiegrasFoie Gras on toasted bun


Look at the amount of cooked selections! Oh dear!!!

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-greencurryThai Green Curry

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-cashewchickenStir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-sweetsourfishSweet and Sour Fish



Indian Curry selections with prata / roti

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-roti novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-makingpizza

You have  to try their pizza too! Why? See the picture below.


Special oven for pizza! Definitely must try especially when freshly made and cooked.


Want something Italian, you can DIY your pasta here!


Next up is my favourite finale. DESSERTS!!!

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-desserts1 novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-desserts2

So many choices? Which to eat? How about everything?

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-bananacoconutBanana in Coconut Milk (Thai Dessert)

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-thaichendolThai Chendol



And even more cakes

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-cakes1 novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-fruitsHow about fruits for something healthier?

novotelbangkokploenchit_seafoodweekend-icecreamIf you want something sweet and cold, here’s ice cream for you.

After the dinner here, I feel that my stomach was about to explode… The good thing is that the food quality here is good and makes it worthwhile to be so full. I’m so gonna walk all the way from Ploenchit to Siam to digest all the food. Haha.

Well, all the food above costs THB 1,299++ per person (price excludes 10% service charge and prevailing government VAT). For Thai locals, it will be even more affordable as selected  credit cards are eligible for Come-2-Pay-1 offer. Accor Plus members also receive 50% discount on group bookings of up to six persons. Please visit their  website to check out their ongoing promotions.

Seafood Weekend @ Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit