Sendai Ramen Mokkori  is one of the few places in Bangkok which serves quality Japanese food and they are famous for their ramen here. So if you are around Silom / Surawong and craving for some Japanese food, head on down here. This restaurant is opened by famous Japanese actor Mr. Norio Suzuki.


It looks really Japanese on the outside.


The interior of the restaurant is filled with many photos of celebrities and famous personalities taken with the owner of Mokkori Silom.

Sendai Ramen Mokkori  – if you like soft and tender meat

Yakiniku Shio  – if you like tough meat

The portion of the food here is relatively big and you probably might not be able to finish it. So, if you are not really hungry, you may want to considering sharing.



They had Kirin beer on offer and we were probably the only table drinking beer on a weekday afternoon.


Be prepared to queue for your seat during peak hours!


+ Like

Quality ramen with a relatively big portion.

– Dislike

Seats are quite limited in the restaurant and hence you will have to queue during peak hours.

= Conclusion

They serve quality Japanese food here. Although it is not the best I have tried, it is worth a visit!