Sensoji Temple is Tokyo’s oldest, most colourful and most popular temple. Located in Asakusa district,  it was founded in 628 A.D.

When you exit from the subway, you will firstly notice the  Kaminarimon Gate, also known as the original temple gate.


After the  Kaminarimon Gate, you will have to walk through Nakamise Shopping Street before you will see Sensoji Temple.


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You will see Hozomon Gate before reaching the grounds of Sensoji.

Omikuji is where you can get a prediction of your fortune. If it’s good, you bring the slip of paper home. Or else, you tie it to a pole, leaving it in the temple premises.


In front of the main hall, you will find a big incense burner called “Jokoro”. You can see people fanning the smoke towards their body because it is believed that if you direct  the smoke to the unhealthy parts of your body, you will recover from the ailments there.


Before entering the temple, many will “purify” themselves with water.

sensoji2    sensoji7

You can drop coins in before making a wish.


Here at the main hall, people put their hands together to pray.


Sensoji Temple closes at 5pm so it is advisable to come early to avoid disappointment.


Note: The pagoda will be closed for renovations till September 2017.

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