The only way to get through this district is to do it the Oppa Gangnam Style! As cliche as it sounds, Gangnam really does have its charms. Known to be one of the more expensive districts, this place is heaven for those looking for branded goods, higher end cafes and plastic surgery.


We came across this cafe located along one of the narrow streets in Garosugil. It’s safe to say that The Pancake Epidemic  serves one of the best pancakes you can find anywhere! If you’re curious to find out more about it check out the  previous post  where we did  an in depth review of their heavenly pancakes!


Upon entering the  main street of Garosugil, you’ll notice that most of the shops here sell branded goods. They usually consist of flagship stores of the various brands such as Zara, Moonshot, ALand, Shoopen, 8 Seconds and Innisfree, to name a few.


One thing that’s also unique about this stretch is that they have flags of different countries hung beside the South Korean flag on each pole.


Garosugil is also a great place to take your OOTDs at, which explains why running into a photoshoot is a total norm out here.


Unlike your typical Zara store, this Zara store at Garosugil sells home furnishing of all sorts. Of course it does come with a hefty price tag too.



And if you’ve read about our 7 Must Shop in Seoul then you must’ve heard of 8 Seconds. This store was the biggest 8 Seconds store in comparison to the others that I came across in Seoul. It was also one of the prettiest stores too!


Another thing that made this store stand out from the rest is the fact that they had the G-dragon collaboration exhibition that was located right on the top floor of the building. G-dragon fans, you’ll definitely love it! There is also a photobooth located at the exhibition itself and you can take as many pictures as you like for free!


You can also opt to do some cafe-hopping at Garosugil! The cafes here deserve a perfect score for their  aesthetics. Serving  a spectrum  of food options, you’ll never go hungry here!


If you walk further down the road, you’ll notice a vast number  of skyscrapers. Traffic is heavier around this area as offices and clinics are located around the vicinity of the area.


And for those looking into going under the knife, this place is literally the home to plastic surgery!


Gangnam is also a well known place to bump into celebrities since a number of them frequent the place quite often, so who knows, you might just be able to bump into your idol!

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