Over the last few years, the  U.S. diner and cafe trend is becoming bigger than ever in Tokyo! From Max Brenner, Dominique Ansel Bakery, Luke’s Lobster, to Shake Shack this time.


This is my second time  coming here. I went there on Thursday noon this time and still had to wait for almost an hour. However, the food was definitely worth the wait! <3


When your queue is coming up, the staff will provide you with the  menu for you to choose beforehand.



You can choose to either eat at the shop, or to order a set of takeaway box for a picnic at the park!



After you are done  ordering, you’ll be given this beeper while waiting at the table. It will take a short while until the beeper rings, and that’s the sign that your food is ready. You can go get your amazing burgers and fries at the counter!



For the seats, you can choose to dine inside the shop or outside, it really is up to your preference and the weather!


For food, I went for the original and ordered Shack Burger ( ¥680), Small Cheese Fries ( ¥400), and Small Chocolate Shake ( ¥480)

The burger was amazing. The  patty was very juicy. It tasted great, and was really nice with the cheese.

The chocolate shake was not too thick and  very flavourful. It went very well  with the food.


The fries were absolutely gorgeous! It was very crispy on the outside and the inside wasn’t mushy at all. I was especially impressed with the fries because sometimes these kinds of crinkle fries could be a little greasy inside. But for this one, it was just perfectly heated. And you know, everything becomes even better with cheese! xD

[Tokyo] Shake Shack