When you ask anyone for shopping and retail recommendations in Tokyo, you will probably get the answer “Shibuya 109”! Why is that so? We went to check it out!


Located just diagonally across the famous Shibuya crossing, you can distinctly see the sign “Shibuya 109”. It is a 10 storey building housing different fashion brands and labels.


It’s a circular shaped building so after going around that level, you have to go up or down depending on your preference.


At every individual shop, you will see the staff displaying  their collection to give you an idea what to expect at their shop.


You will also notice them calling to you to take a look inside the shop, fighting with the music that is played. It’s not a slow-paced, relaxing  shopping experience but one that is a hectic.

This is because the shops get to stay in the building to sell their clothes based on their revenue! So, if the sales for a particular shop is bad, they won’t be around for long.


The target group of Shibuya 109 are mainly teenagers who want to keep up with the latest trends.


For males, you have nothing at Shibuya 109 but you will be glad to know that there’s another building situated on another side of Shibuya crossing called 109 Men’s!

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