If you are into Instagram, SHUGAA is one place which you must visit in Bangkok. They are located in Sukhumvit Soi 61, inside “The Residence at 61”.


Once you enter SHUGAA, you will find many corners worthy of photos. During out visit, every single customer was tourist from China, all busy taking photos. Some influencer must have posted on Weibo causing the large influx of Chinese tourists.


You just want to put your camera into good use.


Look at all the mini cakes and desserts waiting for you.


There are ample seatings in the cafe but do be preapred to wait during weekends because many of the customers will be busy taking photos of both the cafe and food.


Even the stairs is so beautiful.

The desserts here were all so beautiful and we didn’t know what to order. So, we asked the staff and she recommended the following:


Forrest Gump


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Both desserts were beautiful. The good thing is that they weren’t too sweet and  both flavours and textures were well balanced.


Their seasonal drinks were delicious and refreshing as well.


On the second level,  they even have workshops to teach you how to make cakes.

In fact, if you are looking for customisable cakes, they can be one of your choices because the cakes they make are really beautiful.

[Bangkok] SHUGAA

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