Golden Mile Complex is Singapore’s “Little Thailand”. Inside this 42 year-old complex, you can find many Thai restaurants, pubs, groceries and Thais. Other than being known for a “Thai place”, it is also one of the main meeting point for coaches to Malaysia.


There’s isn’t any major renovation to make this place modern and this is how it looks like on the inside. The only change I saw was a fresh coat of paint.


In the past, I liked coming to Golden Mile’s grocery shops to buy mango sticks, which is similar to what you find on the street fruit carts.


Another favourite place of mine is the Thai Supermarket, where I buy some Thai tidbits. My favourite is the mini crab / shrimp crackers.


Although nothing much has been done to this place, there are several new stalls in Golden Mile and here are the 8 Food Places  to check out in Golden Mile Complex because they have been drawing crowds. I won’t say that the food will give you that “WOW” feeling but it’s worth checking out if you want to have some Thai food in a Thai environment.

#1 Banana Fritters & Sweet Potato Balls


4 years ago, something new opened in the  Thai Supermarket that drew crowds. They are specialised in the popular Fried Street Food – Banana Fritters & Sweet Potato Balls. Although I feel that the sweet potato balls still can’t match the one in Bangkok, the banana fritters here is a must buy! This banana fritters is even more delicious than some that I tried in Bangkok. It costs S$2 for 1 packet.

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#2 New Udon Mookata


There are so  many mookata outlets all around Singapore now. Did you know that this is the first place that sold  Mookata in Singapore? Till this date, it’s still very popular and crowds were  seen during dinner time. Be prepared for your clothes to smell like Mookata though!

My virgin mookata experience was here and I tried this about 3 years ago. It was delicious on the whole but was not filling enough for us. If you are not too particular about the meats and the marinates, this will  be fine  for you. Remember to eat  with their chilli sauce. It seems that many customers love their Thai Milk Tea too.

#3 Diandin Leluk


Fully packed during dinner time! Diandin Leluk is a well-known brand in Singapore serving authentic Thai food since a long time ago. It is also one of my favourite place  in Golden Mile to get my Thai fix.

I like their Kway Teow Pad Sew (Fried Kway Teow), Mango Sticky Rice and Tapioca. Their Pad Thai however is not to my liking. Thai Milk Tea here is also considered one of the sweetest among the other shops.

#4 Na Na Thai


Na Na Thai is located in one corner of Golden Mile but can be easily recognised by their striking orange signboard. This is a favourite among Singapore Food Bloggers. I personally tried their food several times. The first time I tried the Pad Thai here, I was impressed. However, the subsequent visits left me disappointed. Nowadays, eateries are beginning to tweak the recipe to suit Singaporean taste hence it no longer tasted authentic to me.

Other than Pad Thai, I like their Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang) and do check out their Tom Yum Goong. I love how they serve it!

#5 Nongkhai Beer House


Nongkhai serves mainly Issan dishes and you can see tables all ordering Som Tam, Gai Yang and Moo Yang. I tried their Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken) before and it’s good! I also like the Thai Milk Tea here and I order from this stall whenever I’m in Golden Mile in the past. Nowadays I prefer to get my Thai Tea fix at these new cafes which specialise in Thai Milk Tea. Do checkout my MUST DRINK Milk Tea in Singapore!

#6 Beerthai House Restaurant


I only recently discovered this place in 2015. It is hidden right behind hence it’s not easily noticeable. But I was surprised to see a huge crowd inside.

Tried Pad Sew and Pad Thai. Both smelled very good when served. The Pad Sew was rather good but Pad Thai was disappointing. It’s quite saltish.

#7 Noodle Cafe Boat Noodles


This is hidden right at the basement of Golden Mille Complex and would only be discovered if you frequent the discos there. However  many people now know about this place. This is a rather small eatery and they are specialised in Thai Boat Noodles at S$1.90. Be prepared to queue!

Finally decided to try Thai Boat Noodles in Singapore after waiting for 1 year. As Singapore does not  allow Pig Blood (which is included in Boat Noodles in Thailand), the taste would be different. I tried the dish  but I wasn’t really impressed. Shall give it another chance soon and will leave my comments for the full review later.

#8 Food Court


This is the latest addition to Golden Mile, featuring several shops selling popular items in Singapore such as Boat Noodles, Wanton Noodles, Tom Yum Noodles and Coconut Ice Cream. Have not tried any food here so I won’t comment on it.

5 years ago, Golden Mile was the place to go to for authentic Thai Food. Today, it’s a different story. In recent years, so many Thai eateries have opened and they can be easily found all around Singapore now.

Eateries in Golden Mile seemed to have tweaked the dishes to suit Singaporean tastebuds. What do you think? Will you still come here?