Using of containers for commercial purposes  is trendy now especially in Bangkok ever since ArtBox started their container night market. And right now, there is even  a container hostel. Yes, you did not see wrongly, you will  really be sleeping in a container.


Introducing to you Sleepbox Sukhumvit 22 Hostel, located in the middle of Sukhumvit Soi 22.


This is an eco-friendly building  because they recycle materials and make them useful again. The containers that you will be sleeping in are examples.


As you walk around the hostel, you will see how recycled materials have been transformed into something useful and beautiful.



Industrial design can be beautiful too.


As mentioned earlier, you will be sleeping in a container. Don’t worry because they have included many other materials into the container so that you can really sleep in it without having to worry about the heat.


At SleepBox Sukhumvit 22, they offer 3 rooms types.

Sweet Box


Sweet Box is the most popular room type here, suitable for single travellers and couples who wants privacy. You get a double bed, sofa and a working desk.

The deco of the room is simple but  homely.




I like the drawings which can be found around the hotel. Do check them out in your room too!

Story Box

If you are travelling with a group of 4 friends and you want to stay together, this room is perfect for you. It is basically a room with 4 bunk beds. Each of the bunk beds come with personal light, electrical ports and luggage space.

You also get a private bathroom shared among the 4 of you.




The last room category is Special Box where it comes with 2 bedrooms. There is only 1 such room at Sleepbox Sukhumvit 22 and you can see more in the video above.


Hostels don’t usually provide breakfast but at Sleepbox Sukhumvit, you are pampered! Every morning, you can get to have a mini breakfast which is something the locals will eat on a daily basis.

You don’t get American Breakfast but you do get authentic Thai Breakfast and you get to experience the Thai lifestyle!


Every day will be something different so you get to try different types of local breakfast food  during your stay here.


Common Area


The common area at Sleepbox Sukhumvit 22 is a good place to just chill out and chit chat with your friends. You can also make new friends if you happen to see more people hanging out there.


Tuk  Tuk Shuttle


Sukhumvit 22 is located in the middle of BTS Asoke and Phrom Phong station, so with the new Tuk Tuk shuttle, you can get to BTS  Phrom Phong  with much ease.

Sleepbox Sukhumvit 22 just opened in May 2016 and  if I wasn’t informed that this was a hostel, I would have associated this place as a hotel because of the design, layout and service.  Since Sleepbox Sukhumit 22 is branded as a hostel, I will say that this is a high-end hostel!