The heat in Seoul can be resally unbearable sometimes even during the  evenings. Thankfully, we came across this store selling the famous Injeolmi Ice Cream when we were making our rounds in Hongdae. It’s none other than,  Sobok 소복!


It felt like as if we found a real treasure because we really needed something to cool off from the ridiculous heat. The white and clean exterior made  the cafe very  noticeable. The cafe is divided in such a way that  you will have to dine in the open-air area where all the seats are located or you can choose to stand at the tall table. You might still be perspiring from the heat while you chow down on the ice cream but it’s definitely worth it!


Sobok doesn’t have a long list of desserts to choose from so your choices are pretty much limited. These ice desserts carry a pretty hefty price and it comes in a relatively small portion. That aside, an interesting fact to note is that Sobok’s ice cream is made fresh every morning with brown rice and many other grain, making it a really a healthy dessert!


Featuring the most popular ice cream on the menu – Sobok Ice Cream! Soft serve topped with pumpkin, dried persimmon, rice cakes and grain syrup. The nutty flavour that comes with the ice cream is pretty strong. It’s also not too sweet and it’s pretty filling considering its small portion.


Apart from the Sobok Ice Cream, I particularly enjoyed  the Injeolmi Ice Balls the most! There’s a  sweet tteok (rice cake) inside the ball of shaved ice. The balls are dusted in soybean powder and drizzled  with thick honey syrup. It tastes so phenomenal, you will  probably chow down everything in a jiffy!


I like the fact that Sobok is doing their part for the Earth by using environmentally friendly cups that are biodegradeable instead of using the normal plastic cups. The healthy ingredients in the ice cream  is also a plus point for those who are health conscious or if you’re simply looking for something organic.

Overall, Sobok’s desserts are worth trying once if you want to try out the ice cream because it’s pretty pricey for one serving. Don’t fret, you won’t be disappointed when you try out this cup of goodness! It really is amazing.

[Seoul] Sobok Cafe