Som Tam is a modern Thai fusion restaurant located in the heart of town at Orchard Central.


This is the new set meal menu that I got to try and it is available from Monday to Friday. It will be available all day long.


Thai Lemongrass Chicken Rice Bowl with Egg [S$9.80] – I found this pretty mediocre, probably because I do not fancy lemongrass. I felt that the texture of the chicken was alright, it was not too dry nor was it very oily but overall I would say this dish was pretty average.


Soft Shell Crab Rice Bowl with Egg [S$12.80 ] – This was definitely my favourite in the menu. I love soft shell crab and you will find a generous amount of it here. The crab was also crispy on the outside while the meat remained soft and chewy. I recommend trying this if you like soft shell crab  as much as I do.


Deep Fried Thai Garlic Chicken Rice Bowl with Egg [S$9.80] – I found this dish rather normal but if you are a huge fried chicken fan, this would be perfect for you.


Thai Basil Beef Rice Bowl with Egg [S$10.80] – The spiciness really kicked in from the very first bite for this dish. The meat on the other hand  was chewy and well cooked. If you  are enjoy spicy food, definitely try this dish.


Deep Fried Vegetables Rice Bowl with Dipping Sauce [S$8.80] – Deep Fried Vegetables are simply amazing. This is a new favourite food item of mine that I would definitely look out for in the future. Although I love meat and this dish does not have any, I would still order this again.


Poached Tuna Thai Salad Rice Bowl with Egg [S$12.80] – I love the strong taste of Thai salads and I found this rather refreshing. Although I really enjoyed the salad, I felt that the dish did not have enough ingredients to go with the rice.


Thai Iced Tea [S$4.80] – Of course I had to try their Thai Milk Tea. However, I found it rather average  and for the high pricing, I would rather get something else.

They actually have something called the After You Toast [S$8.80]  which I did not get a chance to try that night but is something I would order if I were to eat there again. They also have Mango with Black Sticky Rice [S$7.80] which is something unique.

Som Tam is conveniently located at Somerset and is a good place to try out if you love Thai food.

[Singapore] Som Tam

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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