When  Singaporeans talk about crabs, Singapore Chilli Crab / Black Pepper Crab will definitely feature. When in Bangkok, think of Curry Crab, and specifically, the one  from Somboon Seafood.

Somboon Seafood is something like Long Beach and Jumbo Seafood. It is very popular in Bangkok. Yes, it is air conditioned and that means you can enjoy your seafood in comfort. The restaurant is spacious and it can get very noisy during peak hours. Be prepared to queue at some outlets.

You saw it! Somboon’s Curry Crab. Yes, it is egg cooked with curry sauce. It’s so delicious, you just have  to try it. It is best  when paired  with white rice. The sauce is so nice that even when you are done with the crabs, you just want to finish up the remaining sauce on the plate.

If you are lazy and do not want to dirty your hands, you can order the one which comes with just crab meat, without the shells.

Other than the crab, Somboon also serves other typical seafood which you can find on the streets or at Yaowarat, Chinatown. The food quality here is good, so you can be assured of a delicious and happy meal here.

Is it open for Lunch? Yes, it is. Just to point out, Somboon Seafood has 5 outlets. And only 1 outlet is open for lunch, which is the branch at Sam Yan. Sam Yan branch is located at Chamchuri Square, accessible by MRT Samyan Station.

Personally, I feel that the food quality at Sam Yan is not really consistent, their Curry Crab is very oily. But due to tight schedules, I had no choice but to bring my friends for lunch, or else they would  not be able to try the Curry Crab. But if you want a better dining atmosphere, Sam Yan’s deco is better.

If you have time, head on to the other outlets. I have been to Surawong, Ratchada and Bantadthong branch. All are good!

Scam Note: Be very careful when you tell the taxi driver “Somboon Seafood”. Some will tell you that the restaurant is closed and will bring you to another branch. But actually it’s not Somboon Seafood, but”Somboondee Restaurant”, and the price is very steep. When the taxi driver brings you there, they get a very huge commission. Many Singaporeans have fallen for the trick. Hence, be persistent and let them bring you to the right Somboon Seafood.


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  • Beware of taxi scam
  • Only Sam Yan branch is open the lunch, the rest are open for dinner