I was recently invited to a Media Event to experience Sounds of Luxury by JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. What initially attracted me was the brand Harman because I came across this brand before and I really love the sound quality of  the Harman Kardon speakers. I’m very particular when getting headphones or speakers, it must give me that punch of bass and the sound quality must be good. This event was so for me!

If you have been  in a Mercedes Benz before, you would have heard the quality sounds and it’s actually from Harman Kardon. They are actually found in many other popular car makes and models such as Audi, BMW, MINI, Toyota and Hyundai, just to name a few. Other than cars, they are also found in large scale stadiums and concert halls.

Harman Kardon speakers do not come cheap. And through this event, I got to know that JBL is actually under Harman. Take a look at their offerings below.


The first impression of JBL products to me is very colourful, fun and energetic. They come in vibrant colours, are durable (able to take shocks after an accidental drop) and are  also water resistant! In terms of technology, they are also advanced because they come with bluetooth connection and you can even pair multiple JBL speakers together to create a even more impactful and louder sound.

jbl-clip+Clip+ [S$99]. This mini portable speaker is small but powerful. It brings out good sound quality. Even at high volume it does distort. This speaker acts as a carabiner. You can hook it your bags or bicycle.  I happened to get this as my door gift and of course, I had to put it through the 2 Thai Song test, which is currently the most popular dance song in Thailand.

jbl-flip3Flip 3 [S$179]. Want  something bigger that  looks more like a speaker? Go for Flip 3!

jbl-charge2+Charge 2+  [S$279]. This is for those who need that extra power. You can even charge your device when playing your songs.

jbl-pulsePulse 2 [S$329]. I must say this is the lover of the room. Everyone fell in love with this beauty. Put it in your room, turn off the lights and you will get a mini disco as the light changes according to the rhythm of your songs. So beautiful and cool! We got a sneak preview of Pulse 3 and it is even more amazing! Unfortunately, I am unable to reveal it.

jbl-extreme JBL Extreme [S$439]. The mega JBL speaker which you can carry like a bag!


Mr Andy Tsui, Director of  Product Planning & Strategy, demonstrating JBL’s water resistant features.

Harman Kardon

harmankardon2Esquire 2. New release, yet to be launched. This is such a beauty! It’s like the iPhone of speakers.


If you want super sounds for your home, this is the one to go for!


The one headphone which caught all of our eyes with it’s very bold colour of black and gold. Not cheap though, it costs S$2199. Why is it so expensive? It is  The First Headphone with Personalised Sound, inspired by Quincy Jones. I shall let the video explain  everything to you!

Music needs to be accompanied with a good sound output, so go for a good one for a pleasurable hearing experience! :)

Thanks to  Alvin  for the invite!