Building on the success of South Philly’s delivery project during the lockdown, the Issaya Group has moved quickly to close the tourist-centric Casa Sapparod concept and replace it with South Philly’s pop-up at the same location, giving customers a chance to enjoy the popular sandwiches piping hot fresh out of the oven, and a more extensive menu designed by Pennsylvania-native Chef Chandler Schultz.


The quintessential item here will be, of course, the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, one that’s filled with sliced Angus ribeye, griddled onions, a generous slush of house-made cheese-whiz and topped with any mix of pickles you desire from the pickle bar. I must specially mention the house-baked Hoagie bun. Crusty, slightly chewy (without sticking all over your oral cavity) and an aromatic finish, it’s the X-factor that pushes the experience to another level.

The original Buffalo Wings here, which Chef explained, are simply crunchy fried chicken wings tossed in Frank’s Hot Sauce and cold butter. It’s a pleasant snack, but I honestly was expecting it to be more spicy and less sour.


Another reason to visit South Philly is their desserts. With ice cream made Chef Paper’s team at ICI, the sundaes and floats are bound to be excellent, though I will also point you to their cannoli and key lime pie, which are both elite versions compared to others found in Bangkok. The cannoli is big and stuffed with ricotta cheese made in-house, it’s a must-order if you visit.