Update: 27 September 2014

Want something sweet and light to bite? Look for Thai  Crispy Pancake, also known as  “Khanom Bueang” in Thai.  It is thin and crispy, just nice if you want something light without having to make yourself full!


Thai Crispy Pancake is made from rice flour and topped with coconut cream. There are variations to this crispy pancake as they come in different sweet or savoury fillings/toppings such as  shredded coconut, chopped scallions or fried eggs / egg yolks.  With the variations, choose the one which suits your tastebuds!

You should be able to find these crispy pancakes easily but here are some more prominent locations:

Central Embassy

crispypancake-centralembassy2 crispypancake-centralembassy1

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin


Asiatique, The Riverfront