EmQuartier is one of the many malls in Bangkok which I frequent because of its location and crowd. A few months ago, I noticed that Say Chiizu in EmQuartier announced that they will be closed for renovations. Last week when I returned, the whole Quartier Food Hall was revamped! There are so many interesting and popular shops now! Let me run you through some of them!

#1 Cha Tra Mue


The “Original Thai Tea” is made even popular with the launch of Thai Tea soft serve. In the past, you can only find it at Terminal 21, now you can even satisfy your cravings here!


#2 Yenly Yours


Another Mango based cafe/kiosk which you can see all around Bangkok! From drinks to desserts, you take your pick!


I shall have the best seller, mango smoothie!

#3 Say Chiizu


The ever-popular stretchy Hokkaido Cheese Toast! This one doesn’t need any recommendation since it’s available in Singapore too but hey, you don’t need to queue here.

#4 Cinnabon


Do you love cinnamon buns? If yes, do check them out!

#5 Krispy Kreme


Have you tried Krispy Kreme? All the more you should try it in Bangkok since it’s cheaper. My favourite here is the original glazed. You won’t go wrong with that.

#6 Coco


There are so many bubble tea shops in Bangkok and this is one of the popular ones. Go see if it suits your taste?

#7 Acai Story


The world “Acai” tells me that it is healthy food. Yes, it is indeed! Probably the healthiest dessert you can find here.

#8 Homsuwan Pina Pop


This is seriously new to me but they are specialised in pineapple fruits and drinks.

#9 Look Chin Jung


They are the manufacturer and distributor of fried fishball (premium grade) with more than 600 branches around Thailand. If you are looking for some savoury snacks, this will work.


Lookchin Phraengnara sells delicious pork ball and their shop is in the old town of Bangkok, which is not so convenient to travel to. Since it’s here, have a try!


The famous Gindaco from Japan selling their famous Takoyaki!

Gourmet Food Hall

Take the escalator up and you will arrive at Gourmet Food Hall where my favourite Croissant Taiyaki is also located.


There are even more street food style snacks over here.



Mango Sticky Rice!


Thai Banana Fritters! Have you tried them? It’s totally different from those you find in Singapore and Malaysia.



Grilled Pork which is so addictive.


Thai Grilled Pancakes!

Still not enough for you? Ok time to go shopping for your ingredients and let the chef cook for you! Yes, you didn’t see wrongly. That’s basically what you do here, “You Hunt We Cook”!


So go choose what you want, pass to them and they will cook it for you based on your ingredients.


For oyster lovers, they have a wide selection of oyster for you to choose from.

So now you know where to find me right? With so many new kiosks in Quartier Food Hall, it’s going to take me some time to finish trying all of them!