Update: 27 September 2014

This definitely looks familiar to Singaporeans. It’s called “Fried Banana Pancake” in Thailand, also known to us as “Roti Prata“. But still, Singaporeans love it even though it is very common back home. Why? Perhaps they are having a holiday and naturally, they will feel happy. When we are happy, food also tends to taste better. Right?


Well, the real reason might be contributed by the choice of toppings and presentation. Here, Banana Pancakes are served sweet, usually topped with condensed milk. If you don’t like condensed milk, they also have options such as honey, nutella, chocolate, coconut, sugar and much more. Want to add an egg to it, no issue as well. Do look out for the menu at the food cart and order something to your preference.  The final product presented is just so appealing. Light, crispy and delicious.


Banana Pancake can be easily found in places where you find street food. Can’t find one in your vicinity, head on down to Khao San. This is not only limited to Bangkok, it can also be found in other parts of Thailand, such as Phuket, Krabi, etc.

Yes, it definitely is a very oily street food. But since you are here on holiday, give it a try. At least, you feel happy after eating it.