You can’t visit Seoul and not try their famous snow ice dessert called “Bingsu”. Even though the weather was cold when I was there, it was something I had to try! One of the best places to try it is in this chain called “Sulbing”. They are all around Seoul and you can find them easily.

Bingsu comes in many variations and flavours but for me, I have a specific one to try in order to test their flavour.  Injulmi Bingsu is the one and apparently it’s the shop’s best-seller too!


Injulmi Bingsu as usual comes with the shaved snow ice which is so soft, powdery and light. Besides the ice, the topping itself also makes a big difference.

Injulmi is also known as Korean rice cake coated in soybean powder. If you want something authentic, I say go for this.


It also comes with condensed milk which you can pour over the bingsu. This definitely added a layer of sweetness to it.

If you don’t like soybean, don’t worry because there are also many flavours for you to choose from.


You can easily find Sulbing all over Seoul, so just try it when you see one!

[Seoul] Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe