The latest branch of Supanniga Eating Room is set in a beautifully-restored two-storey shophouse from the King Rama VII period, on Charoenkrung Soi 38. If you have dined at Supanniga Eating Room, you won’t want to miss this branch out because there at 10 new dishes from the recipe books of Khunyai Somsri Chantra.

They are located just outside O.P. Garden and it will be hard to miss this restaurant, especially at night, with brightly-lit lights.

At Charoenkrung’s branch, they want to bridge the past and present together hence merging contemporary floral patterns and monochrome tiles with traditional materials such as kabom (wooden plates used by Isaan locals for drying sticky rice), patterns from traditional weaving looms, and wooden detailing.

In addition to all the signature dishes from Supanniga Eating Room, Charoenkrung introduces ten new dishes, only available at this branch. We got try some of the new dishes as featured below.


Grilled Pork Collar with Chamuang Leaves with Seared Rice Cake [270฿] – This is a reinvention of the popular Moo Chamuang by grilling the pork collar. We personally prefer the original version more as it has more character to it.

Salak and Shrimp Chilli Dip with Deep Fried Nue-Aon Fish [340฿] – The salak (snake fruit) from Trad province is pounded with shrimp paste from Koh Chang and served with deep-fried nue-aon fish together with seasonal vegetables. The chilli dip was quite addictive.


Coconut with Salak and Crispy Sa-lid Fish [290฿] – This is basically a Tom Kha dish with salak added to it.


Stir-fried Lotus Stems with Shrimp Paste and Mackerel [240฿]

Spicy Curry with Crispy  Pork and Pineapple Offshoots [250฿] – The pairing of homemade crispy pork and pineapple offshoots is a traditional dish of Trad.


Stir-fried Crab Roe with Himalayan Salt & Chilli Mix from Khunyai’s Hometown [590฿] – The crab roe comes from blue swimming crab and is mixed with salt, chilli mix and garlic to give a burst of flavour and heat. It goes well with steamed rice but be warned of the spice.


There is a healthy option of brown rice too.


Thai Tea Panna Cotta [120฿] – This requires no further introduction. Definitely a must-order.


Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice & Banana Compote [150฿] – If you have stomach for more desserts, get this as well. You will be happy.

Supanniga Eating Room is a definitely another great new addition to Charoen Krung Road. The possibility to enjoy their old favourites with exclusive new dishes makes this joint a legitimate choice for a special meal in Bangkok.

[Bangkok] Supanniga Eating Room Charoenkrung 38

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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