Covid’s impact on the F&B industry has been well-documented, but challenges faced by bars and night spots in particular are not as obvious as it seems on the surface. In 2020, bars had to close from mid-March to July to comply with social-distancing measures, and had to close again from 2nd January 2021 onwards because of a re-emergence of the virus in the country. These also coincide with periods where alcohol sales were completely banned throughout the country.

To make things worse, Thailand has an Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, BE 2551 (2008) that prohibits any form of advertising of alcoholic beverages (ie. one could be prosecuted for posting a picture of an alcoholic drink on social media), which cripples their avenue of marketing to the masses.

Just a couple of years ago, Thailand was the envy of many, as they boasted one of the most vibrant bar scenes in Asia, featuring no less than 5 of Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2020. Now, bar owners, bartenders and everyone else involved in the industry are facing an unexpected crisis.

It gives us great satisfaction to report that instead of feeling sorry for themselves, some of the best bars in Thailand have stood up to be counted. They re-invented themselves with newly-acquired skills, coming up with eye-opening concepts we would never have dreamed of seeing if ”˜life went on as usual’.

We at want to celebrate this resilience and courage of expression, so we are listing here many bars and their new ”˜covid-inspired’ concepts, and hope to expand this list along the way. Let’s support our favourite bars #supportbkkbars, and get to the other side together.

Wasteland Bangkok

The Side Door @ #FindTheLockerRoom

Qream by Q&A Bar


BAR 335

KÇ” / Ku bar Bangkok


Teens of Thailand