We usually don’t relate Omakase restaurants with major shopping malls, but Sushi Cyu Ryo might change your mind, as this newly-open 8-seater is right smack on the 7th floor of the famous EmQuartier Helix Sky Dining. Once you step in though, you will completely immerse in the intimate atmosphere and forget that you are in a mall steps away from Phrom Phong BTS Station.

Unlike traditional sushi-centric Omakase experiences, Sushi Cyu Ryo allows the chef to express his knowledge in French cuisine and modern cooking techniques with a 19-course set-dinner that has an approximately 50-50 mix of sushi and creative small dishes, which can be seen from the dishes we will feature later in the post.


This modern touch is also conveyed from how they serve Sake in wine glasses, which allows the guest to enjoy more aroma from the Sake compared to the colourful traditional glasses, which are also available upon request.


It’s comforting though, to see Sushi Cyu Ryo’s creativity stemming from top-class seasonal produce from Japan, especially the Kegani (Hairy Crab), Sujiko (Salmon Roe) and Bafun Uni (Sea Urchin) from Hokkaido. The grate of fresh French Horseradish in the Otoro hand-roll in place of Wasabi really epitomized how a touch of inventiveness can raise a near-perfect bite to another level. The Tamago too, is one of the very best in town.


sushicyuryo-keganiKEGANI – Hairy Crab with Pine Nut, Myoga, Chrysanthemum

sushicyuryo-nodoguroNODOGURO – Black Rock Sea Perch with Sakura Leaves

NODOGURO – Black Rock Sea Perch with Sakura Leaves (opened)

KATSUO – Bonito with Sakura Smoke, Plum, Daikon

KURUMA EBI – Wheel Prawn with Bordier Seaweed Butter

AKAMI – Lean Tuna

CHUTORO – Medium Fat Tuna lightly grilled

HOTATE – Scallop with Mikan and Kabosu

UNI – Sea Urchin Nigiri – Cold

Chef and his tray of top-quality Bafun Uni from Hokkaido

UNI – Sea Urchin Soba -Warm

UNI – Sea Urchin Tempura – Hot

SUJIKO – Salmon Roe with Saikyo Miso

Grating French Horseradish

sushicyuryo-ohtoroOHTORO – Fatty Tuna with Yuzu Kosho and Horseradish

sushicyuryo-anagoANAGO – Conger Eel with Nori Tsukudani and Dashi Foam

RYO MISO – Mushroom Chantilly

sushicyuryo-tamagoTAMAGO – Duo Style

SAKE PUDDING with Yuzu Emulsion

Final note: If you are not into alcoholic drinks, I will highly recommend their tea pairing flight, which stands head and shoulders above tea pairings I have tried at other high-end establishments.


Price: Lunch 2,900++ THB (15 courses) / Dinner 4,900++ THB (19 courses)

A sneak peek into what happens at Sushi Cyu Ryo, the newest high-end Omakase experience in town:

[Bangkok] Sushi Cyu Ryo

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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