Matcha lovers, don’t miss out on this! Located in Asakusa is a Matcha shop selling ice creams of different matcha intensity.


It’s actually located behind the vicinity of  Sensōji Temple. So it makes sense to drop by for an ice cream after a visit to Sensoji Temple since you are just nearby.


This shop is very popular and long queues can be seen. I went there at about 3:30pm but was given a slip asking me to return at 4pm. The queue is so long that they even need such a system  to manage the crowd!


And so I patiently waited and queued, all because I needed to try one of the world’s richest matcha ice cream!


There are 7 levels of intensity of Matcha Ice Cream. As you can see, the highest intensity (of level 7) is the best seller. I know that matcha can be quite bitter and I decided to go with level 6.


There is  some space for you to sit down and enjoy your matcha ice cream, otherwise you can choose to have it outside.


Other than ice cream, they also sell other tea products and tea pots.


Here’s my very delicious ice cream! I had Matcha + Black Sesame and it was just heavenly. It’s the best matcha and black sesame flavours that I have ever tasted.

Having this was so satisfying  and you should definitely drop by to have a try yourself!

[Tokyo] Suzukien Matcha Ice Cream