Takoyaki may be common in Japan but the ones you find in Tokyo is different from those in Osaka. In Tokyo, it is crispy on the outside but for those found in Osaka, it’s actually soft and mushy.


Coming to Osaka’s famous Dotonbori, you will find lots of food around. One of them is Takoyaki. There are many stores selling it.

Being the typical Singaporean, I went to the one with the longest queue and joined the line. The queue moved quite quickly  and I was served within 15 minutes.


While queuing, I got to see how they make the Takoyaki. The way they do it is so swift and professional.



The good thing about a  queue is that it means you will be getting freshly made Takoyaki. Those stores without queues basically have to wait till they finish selling the batch made before they can proceed to make another fresh batch.


The Takoyaki is  served in a “boat” bowl and you have a choice to get 5 pieces at  350 ¥  or 10 pieces at 650 ¥.


It is drizzled with mayo and  shavings of dried  bonito.


Here’s a closeup shot of the filling; quite a big squid!

I personally prefer the version with a crispy exterior but this tastes as equally delicious. It boils down to your personal preference. But since you are in Osaka, it makes sense to try it because it’s one of their most popular street food there!