Clarke Quay Singapore is well-known for its nightlife and dining options and it makes no sense to open another Thai restaurant here, considering there are so many of the same currently. However, Creative Eateries, the group behind Talay Thai, manages to give the restaurant a urban twist, bringing together suits + foods + drinks into this new “drinking hole”.


You won’t miss this pastel blue wall which is located just beside the  reverse bungy.


For those who love alfresco setting,  especially when it is cooler at night.


As you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by a cocktail bar with a neon sign proclaiming, “Love You Long Long Time”.


I’m imagining a Thai girl saying that to me. Ok, time to to wake up for some food!


Every table is fitted with a iPad. It replaces the menu and you can order your food and drinks directly from the iPad.


Chicken Skin Crackling [S$10] – The skin cracks upon biting and it’s definitely not for the health conscious. You will have to eat it with the thai sriracha sauce for added flavour.


Crispy White Bait [S$12] – The white bait is fried till crisp with its fluffy batter and topped with Tom Yum powder which gives this dish a burst of flavours. It is also paired with sriracha mayo to give you even more spice. This appetiser is well received and I finished everything, down to the last piece. Can I have more please?


Aroi Mak Platter [S$28] – Oh, it’s named after me?!? Definitely not, Aroi Mak means very delicious and this dish definitely did that. In this platter, you get a mix of different textures and flavours. The sweet and spicy deep-fried rice noodle is something common in Thailand but not so common in Singapore. I wish it was a little crisper though.

If you are new to Thai street food and snacks, this platter is good for you as it introduces you to various popular bites such as  Thai  Grilled Chicken Skewers, Thai  Fish Cakes,  Golden Fried Prawn Toast and crunchy rice crackers with  Thai-spiced Prawn Ragout.


Talay Platter [S$48] – Talay means “seafood” and hence you see the jump in price too. This platter is  mainly grilled and you will get to try char-grilled squid, grilled prawns with spicy tamarind glaze, baked oysters with nam jim dressing and mussels and clams  in Tom Kha soup base. I personally prefer the Aroi Mak platter though.


Nam Plan Prawn Ceviche [S$16] – This dish is basically  Raw Prawn Salad and it’s a common Thai salad. You get to taste the raw prawns sitting on a bed of vegetables and thai spice blends. This dish is too healthy for me since I don’t really like taking raw vegetables.


Tom Yum Lobster Bisque [S$14] – The Tom Yum here is really “atas” as it uses lobster. It’s definitely an upgrade from your usual Tom Yum Goong as this version tastes richer due to the usage of lobster. It does feel as if you are drinking a Tom Yum Lobster Bisque Shot!


Pineapple Fried Rice [S$16] – The classic pineapple fried rice if you need some carbs to go with your tapas.


Thai Tea Lava Cake  [S$14] – Nobody can resist molten thai tea lava cake with coconut ice cream! It tasted delicious but for the price, I really wished it was a bigger portion with a more liquid lava. Perhaps our cake didn’t feel like flowing that day.


My  unique drink of the day was Lychee Longan Cocktail Duo. I like the presentation of it as it was served in Tingkats (metal tins usually used to pack food). The  cocktail itself is actually a  tropical take on the classic Mojito, paired with lychee and longan on each tingkat. Definitely an instagramable cocktail!


Don’t forget to check out the unique Thai features found in the restaurant while you enjoy your tapas and beer or cocktails!

If you are in Clarke Quay looking for a place to chill over some drinks and light bites, Talay Thai is definitely worth considering because of the delicious Thai food!

[Singapore] Talay Thai

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.