Reserve a seat to dine at Tatsumi Here!

In the last quarter of 2016, I wrote about a new restaurant in town called Tatsumi Japanese Cuisine, serving good and authentic Japanese food.

Tatsumi launched their “Tasting Menu” in 2017 and for every season, there will be a slightly different menu based on the season’s freshest cut and ingredients.

Autumn Tasting Set

The tasting set is a traditional 8-course set menu crafted by Executive Chef Tanaka and is priced at approximately 1800 baht net per pax. There’s also an option of additional sake flight pairing at just 300 baht extra.


The appetiser is a mixture of cold and hot items giving you a variety of textures and flavours, before you start the menu proper.


Dobin Mushi You can’t visit Tatsumi and not drink this! It is actually a seafood broth and you have to pour a slice of lime into the soup before you drink it. I couldn’t stop drinking because it was so delicious and comforting.


Assortment of 5 seasonal premium sashimi – You might not get the same cut as shown here because the fish served will depend on the season’s freshest.


Kurobuta Akamiso – Grilled kurobuta pork with signature Akamiso sauce was the star! I loved the sauce because it gave the dish so much flavour.


How to make tempura special? Prawns are too common so let’s have Oyster Tempura! It was indeed a unique combination which worked well. It also comes with seasonal vegetables kakiage.


Sunomono is a vinegar based dish usually made with cucumbers. “Su” means vinegar in Japanese. This dish is served as a light palate cleanser after the grilled and tempura dishes.


Japanese food won’t be complete without sushi too so here we have 2 types of seasonal nigiri sushi.


And to fill our stomach further, we have the Chef’s twist to the traditional chirashi don paired with a masumi surprise.


Every meal needs to end with a dessert in order to have a happy and complete ending. You get to end it with a traditional Japanese homemade dessert and here we have Sakura annin-tofu with strawberry azuki. What a sweet ending with the azuki beans!

*Do note that the tasting menu I had above was for Autumn. When you have it, it will be a slightly different menu based on the season’s freshest cut and ingredients.*

Reserve a seat to dine at Tatsumi Here!

[Bangkok] Tatsumi Japanese Cuisine

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.