Visitors who frequent Thailand or Bangkok should know about this shopping mall called Terminal 21. In Bangkok, they are located in Asoke. 2 years ago, they opened Terminal 21 Korat and on 19 October 2018, they opened Terminal 21 Pattaya! With its opening, it will be the largest shopping mall in Eastern Thailand and definitely the mall you need to visit in Pattaya.

Terminal 21 Pattaya is located near the Dolphin Roundabout on North Pattaya Road. You won’t miss it because you will need to pass by this route to get to the Pattaya Beach.


As compared to the one in Bangkok’s Asoke, Pattaya features an actual plane in front of the mall, man-made beach and also jet bridges as entrances. The Pattaya mall is 4 times bigger than the one in Bangkok, so it’s a mega mall in Pattaya.


It is also said that this escalator is the longest shopping mall escalator in Thailand, standing at 39 meters long!



Terminal 21 Pattaya is six floors high and you can basically find almost anything and everything here from fashion to dining to spa.


Terminal 21 Pattaya features atmospheres of six major cities from around the world ”“ Paris, London, Tokyo, Italy, San Francisco and Hollywood.

Here’s the theme of the individual levels and what to look out for!

Level G  ”“ Paris. Look out for the 27 meters high Eiffel Tower in the centre of the mall. On this level, you can find over 100 fashion and beauty stores.


Level M ”“ London. Look out for the iconic London bus, red phone box and the 24 hours Foodland Supermarket! You can also find many sport  brands on this level.

Level 1 ”“ Italy. Look out for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, gondola of Venice and Romeo and Juliet’s hometown Verona. This floor features banks, IT & mobile shops and health and beauty stores such as Let’s Relax Spa.


Level 2 ”“ Tokyo. Look out for their train stations, sumo wrestler and paper lanterns. There are over 250 shops in market  street style featuring many boutique brands.




Level 3 ”“ San Francisco. Look out for the  iconic Golden Gate Bridge! On this level, you can find many famous restaurants such as Savoey, MK, Sizzler and also the affordable Pier 21 food court.



Oh, there’s also a viewpoint where you can get a nice view, especially during sunset.






If you are looking for a Thai restaurant with a perfect paranomic view of Pattaya Beach, check out Savoey  Restaurant, you will be filled with delicious Thai food together with the beautiful view of Pattaya Beach.


Level 4 ”“ Hollywood  is home to seven SFX cinemas.

Above Terminal 21 Pattaya is Grande Centre Point Pattaya, with direct access to the shopping mall. If you are lazy to travel, want to stay close to shopping and amenities, this is probably your best choice!


We haven’t had a chance to stay here yet, so no reviews of this hotel till we return!