Terminal 21 - Exterior

Sick of the current shopping malls in Bangkok? Visit one of the latest shopping malls called Terminal 21! It has 9 levels of shopping and dining. It is conveniently located beside BTS Asok Station.

This shopping mall is designed like an airport terminal and has different themes for every level. Oh yes, even the toilets have different  themes as well!

Terminal 21 - Interior1
Anything that you can buy here? Of course there is! However, don’t expect prices to be like Platinum Fashion Mall. Items here are generally priced higher. But you will be glad to know that many shops are actually offering discounts, so it is still affordable.

Terminal 21 - London
So what to expect in London? London Underground and London buses!

Terminal 21 - London Bus
Here’s what to expect at different levels:
LG: Caribbean
Ground Level: Rome
Mezzanine Level: Paris
1st Level: Tokyo
2nd Level: London
3rd Level: Istanbul
4th & 5th Level: San Francisco
6th Level: Los Angeles

Terminal 21 - Fortune Cat
Terminal 21 is refreshing! It is a totally different experience from other shopping malls and it’s worth a visit even if you don’t intend to buy anything here!


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  • Themed Shopping Mall with 9 different levels
  • Despite it being new and well decorated, merchandise here is still at the affordable range