Tha Maharaj is one of Bangkok’s latest attractions. It is actually a community mall by the riverside, located on the bank of Chao Phraya River. It is located in Rattanakosin Island (old town of Bangkok), which is near to places like The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun The Temple of Dawn and Wang Lang. Tha Maharaj is also near to the  biggest talisman and amulet market in Thailand.  So after you are done visiting the attractions, you can actually head over here for some good food and drinks!


It’s actually a very beautiful place especially at night. Tha Maharaj is filled with many restaurants and cafes, so it’s a good place to come if you want to have a good meal and desserts with your friends at a beautiful location.


Lots of photo opportunities. There are quite a few restaurants but due to my limited time and stomach space, here are the 5 restaurants and cafes that attracted me during my first trip here!

#1 Savoey


Located on the second level of Tha Maharaj, you actually get to be very close to the river to enjoy a good view while having your delicious seafood dinner! Check out my favourite dishes from Savoey!


#2  Itim Lamoon


Itim Lamoon is one of the homemade ice cream shops in Bangkok which has been gaining quite some  attention. I happened to chance upon it while walking around Tha Maharaj. Of course, I needed to try it for myself. Their Egg Yolk Volcano Ice Cream is indeed worth the hype. Get ready your camera and handphone for instavideo though!


While ordering, the boss actually showed me my Instagram account and asked if it was me! Haha, met my fans! And so, we took a photo together!

Thank you for visitting our store last night @aroimakmak #itimlamoon #lamoonicecream #thamaharaj

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#3  After You

thamaharaj-afteryou After You really needs no further introduction. Their Shibuya Thick Toast is so famous now and I really love their creativity. Again, spotted a queue outside.


#5  GRAM Cafe

Wanted to check out GRAM but it was one of the earliest to close after I was done with my dinner at Savoey, so I didn’t have the chance to check it out. But they do serve some interesting (read: instagrammable) desserts.

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There is a Thai Massage parlour in Tha Maharaj too! Indeed clever to open it here because our legs will be tired after visiting the nearby attractions.


Tha Maharaj, taste the river life!