To commemorate Thai Airways’ 60th Anniversary, Thai Catering has transformed the staff canteen at the Thai Airways HQ into an in-flight meal experience.

There are 3 experiences for guests to choose from (i.e. Economy, Business and Royal First Class).


Their highly regarded in-flight meals have been converted into food stalls at the canteen, with each stall representing a different cuisine.


For economy, you order the food at the stall, pay at the cashier and collect the food after, food-court style.


For business-class, you pay 699THB for a set menu and be seated on real airplane seats and enjoy in-flight service quality by real TG flight attendants.


For a Royal First Class experience, you will be led to the 2nd floor to enjoy a full-service fine-dining menu (1990THB), overseen by their best chefs and service staff.

There are also countless instagrammable photo spots arranged for every visitor, to effectively re-create memories of a real flight experience, as well as opportunities to take selfies with the real flight crew in full uniform.


Real pilots were also seen performing beautiful English classics to keep guests entertained.


Every coffee table has been made from a key component of an aircraft and equipped with a QR code which will bring you to a cool video explaining the role it played on the plane.


For those who miss in-flight shopping, be sure to catch the in-flight shopping carts to buy your favourite TG merchandise.

Don’t miss out these famous Thai Airways Patonggo (Fried Dough Fritters). Many locals queues for hours just to get these delicious snacks.

Locals have been flocking to support Thai Airways (TG) during this difficult time for the aviation industry.

They are open everyday from 9am to 5pm. Reservation for business class and first class is necessary.

[Bangkok] Thai Airways HQ paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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