Boat Noodles are better known as Kway Teow Rua  in Thai and were originally sold at river canals on a floating boat. Today, they have moved up onto land and the easiest to find this in Bangkok is Victory Monument – Kway Teow Rua. It is not surprising to see this selling in Singapore given the popularity of Thai food here.


2 facts which you should know:

1) Each bowl is actually very small and it can be finished within one to two mouths. Diners usually order many bowls and stack them up after eating.

2) The original Boat Noodles in Thailand makes use of pig blood. However, it’s not allowed in Singapore and hence, you might not get the actual and exact same flavour as the one in Thailand.  Of course, every shop has their own secret recipe to make it as close as possible to the original one. I did not visit any boat noodle shop in Singapore till 1 year later. And how did  it fare?

thaiboatnoodlesg-boatnoodlesoupThai Boat Noodle (Soup) [S$1] – When it was presented to me, it had that familiar smell. Digging in, it indeed has the same flavour as the one I tried in Bangkok. Similarly, this was finished in two mouthfuls. I liked the flavour and texture of the Pork Balls which were imported from Thailand.

Thai Boat Noodle (Dry)  [S$1] – First time trying a dry version, I must say that it’s quite good but I prefer the soup version. Beware of the chilli because it’s really spicy!

Tom Yum Noodle [S$1.50] – The Tom Yum version of Boat Noodles. Combination of boat noodles and tom yum goong!

Spicy Pork  Noodle (Yum Woon Sen)  [S$1.50] – Glass noodles goodness which consists of all 5 flavours of Thai food.  This is spicy but very appetising and addictive.

Thai Grilled Pork (Moo Ping) [$5 for 3 sticks] – I saw this on the menu and immediately ordered this! First time seeing this in Singapore and it made me very excited. This is specially marinated with their secret recipe, not charcoal-grilled but it tasted as good as those you can find on Bangkok streets. OMG, I finally can have this in Singapore! Aroi Mak Mak! Definitely must order!


I tried several Boat Noodles in Singapore before writing this post and I can say that the Thai Boat Noodle (Soup) flavour is similar to the one found in Bangkok. Their portion although small is  still  bigger than its competitors.  And they are selling it only at S$1! The cheapest Boat Noodle in Singapore and  thankfully they managed to replicate a  similar flavour.

Thai Boat Noodle also sells other favourites  such as Wanton Noodles, Braised Pork Leg. Check out the previous post here.