Thai Hao Chi Mookata is  a  favourite place for many Singaporeans when they want to have Mookata, especially for those living in the North, near Sembawang and Yishun. “Thai Hao Chi” also means “Too Delicious” if you translate straight from Mandarin.

As mentioned in earlier Mookata posts, it is very hard for mookata shops to survive if they don’t have an edge over others. Thai Hao Chi of course managed to retain their customers with their edge – charcoal grilled mookata and MSG free soup base!


Thai Style Sliced Abalone [S$8] – You have to start your meal with their popular appetiser. The tangy sauce goes well with the abalone. It’s not that spicy but gives you that hint of thai flavour.


You are missing out if you don’t take their chilli sauce when eating Mookata. The spiciness of the chilli sauce here is manageable but still delicious. This chilli sauce is self service and it’s very popular that they have to keep refilling.


Mookata Set [S$39.90]. The mookata set serves 2 to 3 pax. As seen, it includes chicken, pork, pork belly, prawns, squids, fishball, meatball, sausage and liver. It also comes with mushrooms and vegetables as seen below. Seeing Thai instant noodles in the menu, we just had to add it in!




Add-on Beef [S$10]. The meat here is  tender, fresh and so well marinated that we kept  refilling our plates!


We usually don’t order that much when having Mookata Ala-Carte but this time, we kept refilling the items. I guess a big part is because their items are all MSG free.

If there is  MSG in it, you will feel very thirsty and after awhile, you feel that your throat is very dry and won’t feel like ordering anymore.


We sat indoors and it was well ventilated. Seats were also well spaced out between tables.


Our bill came up to about $150 for 5 pax. (Mookata Set + Thai Style Abalone + Thai Milk Tea + Singha Beer + several refills). It was worth it since our stomachs felt  happy and satisfied.

Thai Hao Chi is definitely one of the better Mookata outlets in Singapore, with their  charcoal cooking methods  as well as the MSG free soup base. Check it out if you are craving for some good mookata around the north area!

[Singapore] Thai Hao Chi Mookata