Thai Wanton Noodle  (Ba Mee) is a hit with both locals and tourists. Our neighbouring countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia) have their own rendition of Wanton Noodles, so why would  Thai Wanton Noodles (Ba Mee) so popular with Singaporeans?

It’s egg noodles with pork slices and wanton. And what makes it special is its sauce and pork lard with oil. It is then topped with condiments such as chilli flakes. The thai version in general tends to be dryer as compared to others but the minimal sauce and pork lard used gives it a distinctive flavour. It’s something which you either love or hate.

In Bangkok, there is this Wanton Mee stall which over the years has became extremely popular, all thanks to social media and it’s convenient location. I started patronising them since 20 years ago and I followed them throughout the years, seeing the portion getting smaller and smaller. I needed to find an alternative and in fact, many of them tasted better IMO. I wanted you to try a really good Thai Wanton Mee and so here’s a list of them in different areas of Bangkok. If you love Wanton Mee, you may want to travel to try them if you have the time. :)

Sukhumvit Soi 38


On Sukhumvit Soi 38, there are many things to eat, including  Ba Mee. I tried a few stalls and found this particular stall to be my favourite. They don’t really have a shop name but they have been around for over 40 years. Their noodles, char siew, wanton and sauce and pork lard is definitely a winning formula.

This stall was  also recommended by famous Singapore Food Blogger, Maureen (Miss Tam Chiak) and was listed as one of her  “10 Must Try Food Places in Bangkok“.

Sukhumvit Soi 38 is a hawker street with many good food so you should definitely check out this place if you are a foodie! Here I have 7 Must Eat in Sukhumvit Soi 38.


Opens > Night Time (8pm – 2am)
Where > Sukhumvit Soi 38

Ekkamai Soi 19

Bamee Slow


This particular shop is known as “Bamee Slow Bangkok”. How did it get its name? In the past, they used to sell Ba Mee from a food truck at Ekkamai Soi 19 from 8:30pm to midnight. In order to eat this, you need to queue for about 30 minutes at least because the owner making the noodles does it at a slow pace, and that was how the name came about! About 1-2 years ago, the owner passed away and his children found a shop next to the street to continue his legacy.

The main drawing point of this particular shop is its egg, just take a look at it! Even though the char siew here is very dry, the egg makes up for it. The end product is well balanced and  it gets the lines  coming every night.

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Opens > Night Time (8pm – 2am)
Where > Ekkamai Soi 19


Mung Korn Khao Noodle


Yaowarat (Chinatown) is full of good food and usually I don’t come here for Ba Mee. But for this post, I tried it and found it to be pretty decent too.  The wanton here is very filling as compared to others and as again, the overall dish is well balanced.

Since you are in Chinatown, don’t miss all the other good food around. Here are my 15 Must Eat in Yaowarat, Chinatown. Make sure you try a few before leaving this area. :)


Opens  > Night Time (6:30pm – 12am)
Where > Yaowarat Road (left side, opp T&K Seafood)

Suttisan Day Market


This is definitely not a place where tourists will come due to its location. It is more popular with locals and people who work around Sutthisan. Located just outside Sutthisan MRT (Exit 3) is a day market with lots of food and clothing, catered to office workers.

I like the noodles here as it’s soft. They also added “Chai Poh” to give that extra flavour in the noodles.


Opens  >  Day  Time
Where > Sutthisan Day Market (Sutthisan MRT Exit 3)

Phraeng Phuthon

Phraeng Phuthon Egg Noodles Restaurant


Over at Sao Ching Cha area there’s Tanao Road, which is filled with lots of good food which you can’t possibly explore within a few days. One of them is this Ba Mee shop which has been around for more than 60 years.

The char siew here is mixed with honey before it is grilled so you can that sweet char siew here. I found the noodles here a little too dry though.


Opens  > Day Time (10am – 4pm)
Where > Phraeng Phuthon Road


SabX2 Wanton Noodles


This particular stall needs no further introduction. It’s the most popular Thai Wanton Mee shop in Bangkok with long queues seen outside. This is definitely not the best I tasted but they do really have a good location, Pratunam, which is extremely popular with Singaporeans. I have written about this place before and you can read it here.

A Must Order here is  their braised pork rice as it’s tender and soft pork boiled in braised sauce makes this dish so delicious.


Opens  > Day  Time (9:30am – 5:30pm)
Where >  Soi Petchburi 19,  Pratunam

I’m still on the search for more Thai Wanton Mee (Ba Mee) stalls around Bangkok and will update whenever I find a good once. Meanwhile, I hope that you can find your favourite Thai Wanton Noodle stall after trying these recommendations around Bangkok.