[Singapore] There’s no shortage of Wanton Mee in Old Airport Road Food Centre. There are 2 very famous Wanton Mee selling the local version. However, my favourite is actually the Thai style Wanton Mee from Foon’s Thai Recipe.


There has been a surge of  Thai Wanton Mee in Singapore and I have visited many of them secretly to try them  out. Sadly, many of them did not taste good and hence I made no mention of them here.


Foon’s Thai Recipe works well with me. It is opened by Foon Sangon from Thailand. The egg noodle is springy, char siew is not dry but tender and wanton is well sized. It is not the typical dry version. If you take spicy food, they will toss in the dried chilli to give you that extra kick!

I think that their winning formula is actually in their sauce’s flavour because they help you to mix in the fish sauce, sugar, crushed peanuts which is usually  in the condiments section that  Singaporeans don’t really know how to use.

The overal feel after eating this bowl of Wanton Mee is just Shiok!

Do also check out their new venture, to have a sweet ending to your meal,  Waan Waan Authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream, located just diagonally from Foon’s Thai Recipe.